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Our network includes employees & alumni from 

What’s in it for you? 


AWS Activate

  • As a member of the AWS Magnet network, you become eligible for AWS Activate credits.

  • These credits can be worth up to $5,000, allowing you to use AWS services and expand your business seamlessly.


Exclusive Offers

  • Enjoy offers worth up to $800k from leading AWS partners.

  • Partners include Notion, Plaid, and Slack, all aimed at helping you propel your startup forward.


Expert Mentorship

  • As a network member, you will have access to guidance tailored to your journey.

  • Seasoned professionals, who've walked the path before you, will be available to assist you at every step.


Networking Opportunities

  • As a network member, you will have access to connect with an elite group of founders. 

  • Foster collaborative relationships and exchange experiences through invite-only networking avenues.


Coming Soon

  • Startup School

  • Slack Community

Support at every stage


Turn your idea into a business. You have a big idea that solves a problem. But that's just the start. Learn the fundamentals of turning your idea into a successful startup.

MVP (Minimum Viable Product)

Once you're ready to start building, choose from dozens of battle-tested templates or sample code or extend your runway with access to credits and exclusive third-party offers.

PMF (Product Market-Fit)

Access to facilitated learning, hands-on business and technical mentorship and connections to the broader network and our community of investors and founders to find your Product Market Fit (PMF).

SCALE (Go-to market)

Post-ideation and MVP development, secure PMF leveraging essential scale programs such as co-marketing, PoC funding, sales referrals, enterprise networking, and forging investor connections to scale as needed.

Path to AWS startup benefits

We're broadening the pathways to access Activate credits. TCB Alumni/Employees can now leverage their employment history, adding a powerful alternative to the traditional routes through accelerators and investor affiliations.




Venture capital-backed


TCB Alumni/ Employee


Our Community

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